Hey Parnia, congrats on your second MAXIM cover. How do you feel? 
I feel awesome! As I said in my interview for my last cover shoot, it’s a lifelong dream of mine to be in MAXIM and to do it twice is so unreal!

What did you love most about this photo shoot?
We got to shoot swimwear in a nightclub! Hopefully, if I’m lucky to do MAXIM again, we can do lingerie. This way I’ve done the trifecta then — workout wear, swimwear and lingerie! Dreamy.

Indeed. What’s your best asset? 
Everybody tells me it’s my smile — I don’t like smiling with my teeth showing but when I do everybody else loves it.

When do you feel sexy? 
When I’ve spent time on my make-up and have a brand new tight outfit to rock!

What have you been up to since we last saw you in our April 2016 issue? 
Well, I’ve shot with some cool Hollywood celebrities — the latest Ultra Tune TVC with Jean-Claude Van Damme was amazing and definitely my favourite experience so far. The best was just being able to spend the three previous days before the shoot getting to know him on a more personal level. The whole Ultra Tune crew got to have dinner with him and it was a really lovely experience.

Is there anything you disliked about shooting the TVC?
The weather! On the night of the shoot it was absolutely freezing. Luckily we had a fire on set, to keep us warm, so we’d all gather around it in between shots.

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