Parnia Porsche was in Williamstown, Melbourne in October to film the new installment of the Ultra Tune ‘Unexpected Situations’ ad series with the Hollywood legend that is Charlie Sheen! Also filming the new ad were fellow rubbergirls Laura Lydall, Tyana Hansen and Imogen Lovell.

charlie sheen ultratune

Parnia and Laura Lydall were interviewed by the Gold Coast Bulletin about filming with Charlie Sheen and the new ad!

Porsche says the upcoming Sheen ad – being shot in Melbourne next week – “will definitely be our best one yet” and the former kickboxer says she’s planning to do her own stunts.


Sheen follows Jean-Claude Van Damme and Tyson, with Porsche starring alongside all three.

“The ads are great and open up so many opportunities,” Porsche says.

“From one controversial character to the next, it’s so exciting. You take away everything they have done that was wrong and frowned upon and they have all still achieved so much in their fields. And I definitely believe people can change,” Porsche says.

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